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Cyber and Professional Liability Insurance Application
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As a national wholesaler specializing in Cyber Liability and Technology Errors and Omissions programs, INSUREtrust works exclusively with agents and brokers. Because we specialize and are a significant trading partner with all of the key markets, we are able to offer a complete marketing solution coupled with cutting-edge sales resources.

We Were First

In April 1997, INSUREtrust was the first company in the world to successfully design and market an Internet-specific insurance policy. The policy was called Internet Security Liability Policy.

Claims Examples

A hacker accessed the financial aid database of a small university, which required a forensic audit to determine that 18,000 records had been compromised. Forensic, notification, call center, and credit monitoring costs exceeded $120,000.

A hacker installed malware in the system of a small laboratory, then demanded that funds be transferred to an off-shore account. Computer forensics to find and disable the malware, secure all servers, and change all encryption keys exceeded $10,000.

A photographer sued a real estate services firm in federal court for using photographs without permission. The real estate services firm paid approximate defense and settlement costs of $600,000.

Simplifying Insurance for Emerging Risks

Our mission is to simplify insurance for emerging risks. It is not unusual for an agent to contact us and say “I need information NOW!” or “I need a quote NOW.” We can accommodate either scenario.