Browser App Copyfish Caught by Phishing Attack

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News of cyber criminals using phishing attacks is abundant. Yet, people continue to fall for these schemes, which is why the bad guys keep phishing. (As a reminder, phishing generally involves a hacker posing as a legitimate, trusted party to trick an unsuspecting victim into clicking a link, which then leads to a malware infection.)

New “Merry Christmas” Ransomware Discovered

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All the celebrations are over and the decorations put away, but new ransomware by the name of “Merry Christmas” was discovered last week. Unsuspecting victims are sent an email that appears to either be from the Federal Trade Commission or from a court, both saying the victim has violated a regulation or law. When a

The Intriguing Story of LabMD – Part 1

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This is a rather different story of a cyber breach than what we usually write about. Instead of a company pitted against an unknown hacker whose identity will probably never be known, this one is about the cyber fight of one company, LabMD, with another, Tiversa. It started nearly ten years ago, and the saga

Penetration Tests

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To offer maximum value to our insureds and stand out from the competition, we as insurance professionals need to do more than just offer our clients good coverage. We also need to help them with the bigger risk management picture. For example, you may sell your client a workers’ comp policy, but you could also

Overcoming Client Objections to Cyber Coverage – Part 1

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“Cyber Liability... What is that, exactly? Do you mean data breach insurance? That has something to do with technology, right? Like, internet insurance?” These were some of the questions we saw in the early years of cyber liability products. Today though, the questions have changed. High profile breaches at Target, Home Depot, Sony, and many

Physical Security is Vital to Defend Against Hacking

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There are a lot of things that a business can do to from a digital standpoint to boost its IT security, and we’ve written repeatedly about some of these methods. But physical security of computer resources, and particularly laptops, is also critical in maintaining a strong defense against cyber criminals. According to Cybersecurity for Businesses,

PCI and The C suite

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Cyber security and pre breach planning need to be a priority of the C Suite.  Executives who think they can leave these issues solely to the IT team do so at their own peril

Data Destruction – Are You Prepared?

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A hacker could come after your company's data at any time. Are you prepared? Trying to recover from a digital attack can be very costly – including hiring computer forsenics experts to figure out where the data leak came from and to plug the digital hole. Buy cyber liability insurance to protect your business from

Breach Fatigue – What Is It?

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An interesting report from Ponemon and RSA indicate that even after huge data breaches many consumers aren't adjusting their behavior. Why? It comes down to a new term, coined "breach fatigue." In the wake of mammoth data breaches over the last year at some of the huge names in retail and banking like Target, Home