Surplus Lines Broker

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Retail agents and brokers may not be able to find coverage for a unique or for a high risk account in the standard (or admitted) markets. INSUREtrust is pleased to offer agents and brokers access to surplus lines in select states.

Surplus lines insurers are subject to regulations regarding solvency and to being licensed in their state of residence. Surplus lines insurers are able to offer specialty lines that are more creative and responsive to a buyer’s needs than standard markets. The surplus lines market is typically a testing and proving ground for underwriting concepts and new products. The surplus lines is also regulated by laws that protect insurance consumers, requiring specially trained brokers to assist consumers and maintaining eligibility standards.

INSUREtrust can assist you to access these innovative and flexible markets for your clients. If your account has been declined by the standard markets, please contact INSUREtrust and we can discuss ways to place your account with insurers operating in the surplus lines market.