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New Cybersecurity Threat: Stegware

News of cyber threats is commonplace these days and unfortunately, much of it isn’t just “scary hype,” but rather cause for legitimate concern about your digital security. One of the big problems is that once a cyber security company finds a way to block the...

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July Cybersecurity News Round-Up

Mutating Malware Revealed in Recent Cyber Attacks Several embassies have been attacked recently by a trojanized version of TeamViewer, a remote-access desktop sharing software. According to Check Point Research, these attacks began on April 1, and have been on a roll...

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Penetration Test vs. Vulnerability Scan

When you create technology attached to the Internet, be it a website, app or a network server, you have to realize you’re going to be the target of hackers. There are plenty of tools to protect yourself from these attacks, but two of them people tend to get confused...

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June Cybersecurity News Round-Up

Millions of Labcorp Patients Added to AMCA Data Breach LabCorp is the newest victim of the American Medical Collection Agency data breach. This news comes shortly after Quest Diagnostics had reported having their patient’s data stolen from AMCA’s database. The recent...

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May Cybersecurity News Roundup

Senate Democrats introduce bill requiring paper ballots amid election cybersecurity concerns A bill was recently introduced by Democratic members of Congress in an attempt to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats during the 2020 presidential elections. The bill...

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Does the Upcoming CCPA Law Affect You?

Reports of data breaches in the news have become so common, it seems we hardly notice anymore. Just in the first few months of 2019, there have been over 50 high profile data breaches in the United States alone. Some of these breaches struck major companies such as...

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April Cybersecurity News Round-Up

Security Flaw in Internet Explorer Puts Users at Risk An unpatched exploit in Internet Explorer’s handling of MHT files is putting its users at risk. Hackers are using this flaw to their advantage by spying on Windows users to steal their information. Unfortunately,...

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