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May Cybersecurity News Roundup

Senate Democrats introduce bill requiring paper ballots amid election cybersecurity concerns A bill was recently introduced by Democratic members of Congress in an attempt to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats during the 2020 presidential elections. The bill...

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Does the Upcoming CCPA Law Affect You?

Reports of data breaches in the news have become so common, it seems we hardly notice anymore. Just in the first few months of 2019, there have been over 50 high profile data breaches in the United States alone. Some of these breaches struck major companies such as...

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April Cybersecurity News Round-Up

Security Flaw in Internet Explorer Puts Users at Risk An unpatched exploit in Internet Explorer’s handling of MHT files is putting its users at risk. Hackers are using this flaw to their advantage by spying on Windows users to steal their information. Unfortunately,...

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March Cybersecurity News Round-Up

New Phishing Attack Targets Facebook Users Hackers are becoming more and more creative every day. There is now a way for them to access your Facebook login credentials with little effort. Victims are lead to malicious websites that mimic real websites, such as Airbnb,...

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The Role of Management in Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity has traditionally been the realm of the IT department. But those in IT have long championed the fact that keeping a company cyber secure is really everyone’s job. And they are right.  Anyone with their guard down within an organization can potentially...

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Hacking Drones: The Cybersecurity Risks You Need To Know

In the past few years, there has been a huge surge in the sales and use of drones. Also known as unmanned aerial systems (UASs), these devices are much more complex and sophisticated than the older remote-controlled planes or helicopters that people could buy at Radio...

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Nest Cam Hoax Highlights Need for Stronger Passwords

Try to imagine this situation: You’re sitting at home when suddenly you hear loud sirens and alarms blaring through your house. Your home security camera then alerts you that North Korea has launched a nuclear strike against the U.S. and that everyone in your area had...

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